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SPCMN. Third life.


Try to imagine what it is like to sleep and never wake up ...
Now try to imagine what it feels like to wake up, never going to bed.
Alan Watts.


Despite the disagreements surrounding the question of the origin of life - outside the planet, or as a result of particle collisions inside random natural tubes - we can still say that life originated and evolved. By multiplying, making copies of copies and transforming, life took the form of a creature, which was later called Homo Sapiens, capable of perceiving and relating itself to the world. Later, distancing itself from nature, the creature plunged more and more into the world of ideas and illusions, which in turn overshadowed what was in the beginning. Trying to establish a connection with reality, the creature used methods known to him - observation, memories, the acquisition of new experience, including the most radical - self-destruction.