Altered beauty


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Altered beauty

Working with advertisement images for a long time, with people who tend to surround themselves with the illusion of the wellbeing of all, who boast about their non-existing success, you start to get tired of this outrageous, pretty, poisonous beauty that penetrates into the minds of people. You get tired of trying to live a good life with adequate nutrition and continuous self-improvement in terms of enriching and endless self-love. When you get stuck in a quagmire, when you just need to increase your own income to further increase spending. The warmth of your home, the fed and the calm are starting to drive you crazy.

This project is an attempt of escapism, the search for more. Starting from the nearest suburbs, I shoot industrial objects in the evening and at night, which attracted with their silence and alienation. Perhaps calm or adventures; the thirst for exploration awakens: to stop time, to take a closer look, to sweep off the dust, to think about what it was and with whom, to come up with own versions of what happened. Then I move to the ruins, examine them from different sides, and when I go inside, I feel fear and caution. To look at these monuments with signs of the fullness of time for hours, that turns everything into dust, especially what remains without attention.

It is a strange, scary, senile and truthful beauty or ugliness, in contrast to the flattering pretence, blind following to trends and other instructions. It looks especially good when it all sticks out from under the snow, without the greenery and corny sunsets. Great, amazing, revealing. Once refined, built, ordered forms begin to acquire a new property; they become part of the surrounding natural landscape. All the objects in the photos have been chosen randomly, for me they have no real history, there is a new world - the world of ruins at the curb, a world that keeps secrets near the house, so that at any time it was possible to return home with a full head of images and feelings.